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Everything about Sihr En Wizards

In this article we will discuss everything that has to do with sihr and wizards. From recognition to treatment inshallah.

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Everything about Possession

In Arabic Possession is called Al-Mass, Al-Mass literally means a touch, the person is touched by the Shaytaan as it were, it is also called Al-Sar ', although Sar refers to epilepsy caused by the Jinn and where the Djinn can get full control over the patient's brain and gives the patient blows from the inside, causing this person to fall and get attacks.

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Islamic natural store

Are you looking for a natural food store? At Sunnah Doctor you are at the right place. We have a wide range of Islamic products. By dates and nuts tot soaps en oils† The advantage of an online natural store is that everything is quickly delivered to your home. This way you can quickly use the delicious things that can be found in the webshop! Take care of your health and view the range.

Islamic products

If you are looking for Islamic products, you will see that the offer is large. They are products that nourish you and ensure good health. We have a wide range for every occasion. Of course, these are also perfect for all kinds of festivities!

And are you looking for example honey† Then take a look at the Manuka honey† Manuka honey comes from the Manuka bush in New Zealand. This is a native shrub that has unique properties that give the Manuka enormous health benefits. Various manuka honeys are available in the webshop. Manuka honey can be divided into different grades. For example, you have Manuka honey that is very antibacterial! You also have honey with a light effect, these are a lot cheaper.

The Argan oil that Sunnah Doctor sells also has all kinds of health benefits. Argan oil is good for hair and skin for example! The Argan oil is 100% Argan oil, so no other oils have been added, which you sometimes see with other brands of Argan oil.

Islamic books webshop

Are you looking for books about Islam? Then you can also contact

In addition to health products, we also offer islamic books at. Think of general books, kid-friendly books, books about the history of islam and of course the Noble Quran with variations.