Shilajit Gummies

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A superfood that only few knew about until recently, I'm talking about shilajit! Soennah Doctor brings you a great and unique product, we have incorporated this great Superfood into Gummies to make it easy for everyone to use. Shilajit also called Asphaltum is a tar-like substance with a black/brown color that mainly occurs in the Himalayas and other mountain areas in Central Asia. Shilajit is formed by the natural breakdown of plant material that has been on the mountain ranges for a long time.



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      Freshly ground spices
      At Soennah-Dokter we only grind the spices after you have placed an order. This ensures that we can always offer a quality guarantee on our spices.
      Pure cold-pressed oils
      We have been pressing our own oils for years. We do this so that we can give you the guarantee that you will receive pure cold-pressed oils from us.
      Black seed oil is pressed from black seeds, which are also called Nigella seeds, black cumin or Habba Sawda in Islam. The name derives, among other things, from the color of the seeds. These come from the beautiful plant Nigella sativa that produces these valuable seeds every year.

      The black seed has been used traditionally and thus for centuries. It has especially gained fame among Muslims because of the various traditions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) who explicitly paid attention to it.

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