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Everything about Possession

Everything about Possession


In Arabic Possession is called Al-Mass, Al-Mass literally means a touch, the person is touched by the Shaytaan as it were, it is also called Al-Sar ', although Sar refers to epilepsy caused by the Jinn and where the Djinn can get full control over the patient's brain and gives the patient blows from the inside, causing this person to fall and get attacks.

At Sihr we have already seen that the cursed wizards apply Sihr to someone at the request of someone, or perhaps on their own initiative, so that this person can get sick, crazy, dead or possessed by 1 or several Djinn.

It is therefore clear that the Djinn, the so-called Gadim Al-Sihr (worker of the sahir), are therefore ordered to enter a human body, here too there is talk of Al-Mass, but then by Sihr.

But when we talk about Al-Mass or Sar 'in general, we are talking about Djinn acting on their own, so they are independent of the sahir.

After entering the body these Djinn can cause different types of Al-Mass that are sometimes almost identical to Sihr, for example we have Al-Sihr Al-Hawateef (Sihr of the voices), but you also have Al-Mass Al-Hawateef, the only difference is, with the first it is a spell (Sihr) and the 2de has another reason, which we are going to discuss.

Before we continue with this we will prove Al-Mass (possession) with the Koran and the Sunnah.


Proofs from the Koran

Allah says in the Koran in Surah Al-Baqarah verse 275:

“Those who consume interest will not arise except like one who has been struck with insanity by Satan. That is because they say, “Trade equals interest,” when Allah has made the lawful and the interest illegal. He who, therefore, receives a reminder from his Lord, and stops doing it, will belong to him what he used to do Has received and his cause is with Allah. And those who fall back, they are the people of the Fire, they will dwell therein. "

Ibn Kathir says in his Tafseer about this verse: "L aa Yaakumun (they will not rise) means to rise from their grave on Judgment Day, except as someone who has Sar '(Al-Masru") and the Shaytaan will hit (just like someone who is possessed and has an epileptic seizure) ... (1 / 344)

Imam Al-Qurtubi says in his Tafseer: “There is evidence in this verse against people who deny that epilepsy is caused by the Djinn and claim that it has only a physical cause, and that the Shaytaan cannot enter the human body or insanity can cause". (Al-Qurtubi 3 / 355 tab)


Proofs from the Sunnah

Matar ibn Abder Rahman Al-A'naq said: "Umm Al-Abaan bint Al-Wazee" bin Zari ibn "Amir Al-Abdi reported from her father that her grandfather once went to the Prophet (peace be upon him) with his son or the son of his sister who was possessed by a Djinn. The grandfather said: “When we arrived at the Messenger of ALLAH (f she reason with him in Medina, I said, O Messenger of ALLAH (peace be upon him) I have brought my son (or my sister's son) with me who is possessed by the devil, so that you can make a supplication (to ALLAH) for him. "

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

“Take him to me, so I went back to the group where I had left him, loosened him and put on new clothes and brought him to the Prophet (peace be upon him).

He (peace be upon him) said: “Bring him here so that I can reach his back, when he (peace be upon him) held him (the boy), he (peace be upon him) started beating him on his back and to say, get out O enemy of ALLAH, get out O enemy of ALLAH. Suddenly the boy seemed to look better, he had a look that was different from the look before, then the Prophet (peace be upon him) let him (the boy) sit next to him (peace be upon him), and did a supplication for him. After the Prophet's supplication (peace be upon him), no one in the group was dearer than the boy. (Reported by Tabarani)


The following tradition is from Ya'la ibn Murabbah (may Allah be pleased with him) that he said:


“I have seen 3 affairs from the Prophet (peace be upon him) that no one has seen before me or anyone after me, we had left for a journey and on the way we saw a woman sitting on the ground with her son. She said, "O Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), this is a boy who has been hit by an illness that hurts both of us and us, he is possessed several times during the day." He (peace be upon him) said, "Bring him to me." She brought him to the Prophet (peace be upon him) and put him down between him and his mount. He (peace be upon him) spit 3x deep into the boy's mouth, saying; "Bismillah Ana" Abdullah, Iksha Yaa "Adu wullah", (In the name of ALLAH, I am the servant of ALLAH, disappear O enemy of ALLAH) then he (peace be upon him) gave the boy back to her and said: "We'll see you again at this place when we get back, and tell me about his condition." He said: We went and came back and found her in the same place with 3 lambs. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "What has your son done?" She said: “With the One who sent you with the Truth, we have not seen anything strange about him until now. You can take these lambs (as a thank you). "He (peace be upon him) ordered 1 from his companions to take 1 there and give the rest back to her." (Musnad of Ahmed and Al-Hakim in Al-Mustadrak no. 2 / 617)

This hadith is also a proof of receiving a reward for applying Roqyah.


It was narrated from 'Ata ibn Abu Rabah that Ibn' Abbas (may ALLAH be pleased with him) said to him: “Shall I show you 1 of the women of Paradise? I said, Yes

He said: This black (tinted) woman came to the Prophet (peace be upon him) and said: "Sometimes I suffer from attacks (from epilepsy) and this exposes my body (the woman falls to the ground because of the attacks) , ask ALLAH to heal me. "The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:" If you wish, then be patient and you will enter Paradise (because of the patience), but if you wish, I will call on ALLAH for you to She said, "I will be patient, but I will become uncovered, so please ask ALLAH for me not to be uncovered, and so he (peace be upon him) called upon ALLAH for her." (Bukhari and Muslim)


Ibn Hajr Al-Asqalani says in his Sharh of this hadeeth in Al-Fath (10 / 115) that the woman was possessed by a Djinn and that caused the attacks. The woman named Oum Zafar therefore had epileptic seizures (Sar ').

The hadith that Ibn Hajr delivered as proof was another tradition from Al-Bazzar also narrated by Ibn 'Abbas with the addition of The words, "I fear that evil bares my body," Ibn Hajar explains that evil here is nothing else then the Shaytaan can mean and that she suffered from Sar '.

The evidence in the Sunnah is abundant, but this will suffice in Allah.


The Levels of Possession by the Djinn

You have Al-Mass in different levels, you have people who hardly notice their possession and others who suffer again all day, we can divide it into the following levels.

  • Complete possession of the whole body, and this can be divided into 2 types.
    1. The complete possession that is for a long or permanent duration, it is with this kind of possession that there is a Djinn in the body that is actually active with the patient throughout the day, the Djinn also often talks on the patient's tongue and these Djinn are usually not planning to leave either until ALLAH brings the healing. The Djinn often has access to the entire body and often causes blackouts and the patient often faints. We see these kinds of cases at Sihr and bad cases of `Isq (Djinn 'Aseeq).
    2. The complete Possession that is of a temporary nature, or here we speak of a Djinn Tajier. This Djinn therefore has the entire body at its disposal, just like the variant above, except that this Djinn leaves the body during a Roqyah session and enters the body again when the session is over.
  • Full Possession of 1 certain body part, and this is a Djinn who has taken full possession of 1 body part, for example a leg, arm, eyes or tongue. The patient can therefore become paralyzed spontaneously, become blind or suddenly stop talking etc etc, and when this person has a medical examination, there is no cause for this. It can also happen that the Djinn moves from one body part to the other.
  • Possession from the outside (Mass Al-Garizi) and this can be divided into 2:
    1. Constant Possession from the outside, and with this species there is no Djinn in the body, but outside the body and this Djinn is constantly concerned with the patient. They are often cases of Sihr who do not enter the body with the will of Allah. and who can work from the outside or a Djinn who wants to take revenge on a person because of something the person has done with the Djinn. In some cases it is also possible that it concerns an Aseeq who is in love with this person, but does not have the ability to enter the body. The problem with this type of Possession, is that as with the Tajier the Djinn flees when there Roqyah is done, so the patient will feel good during treatments and show no signs of possession at all, but outside the treatments there is a lot of washing up, bad dreams, and one can also see animals or ghosts chasing him.
    2. Temporary Possession from the outside, it is with this species that there is also a Djinn on the outside, but this Djinn is not always there. So it can happen that a person feels good for days and has no symptoms and then suddenly it does, the symptoms are just like the variant above.


  • Outside possession that causes diseases, and this is in the following forms:
    1. External possession that causes illnesses without medical signs or causes. And this is a very difficult case to discover, because the patient gets a condition and then goes to the doctor and is fully examined, and yet nothing is found. And when Roqyah is done, there will be no response either, because the Djinn causes it through the outside.
    2. Outside possession that aggravates diseases that the person already suffers, the Djinn makes sure that a disease that this person already has gets worse. The patient sees that suddenly the drugs he used earlier and with the will of ALLAH were useful for his illness now suddenly no longer have any effect, and this too is due to the Djinn.


  • Possession of very short duration (Al-Mass Al-Taief), this is a possession that lasts very short, from a few seconds to a few minutes at most, examples of this are also the Jathoom (boegebez), but also other forms can be included in this.

Symptoms of Possession (Al-Mass)

  • Tightness and pressure on the chest.
  • Hating to have fellowship, and to work and study.
  • Violent and sudden palpitations.
  • Sometimes the body feels paralyzed, or cold inside, and the body also makes sudden movements and vibrations without actually wanting it.
  • Hearing voices from famous people and unknown people while the people sitting next to you hear nothing at all.
  • Abnormal forgetfulness.
  • Smelling strange and unpleasant odors while people in the neighborhood don't smell it.
  • Sometimes one gets very hot suddenly or very cold and especially at the ends of the body such as the fingers and toes.
  • Sometimes people cry for no reason and especially just before and after al-maghreb (sunset).
  • One is often nervous and gets angry very quickly, this is often accompanied by a headache that moves in the head, and comes in different places, when you wash with Roqyah water the headache with the will of ALLAH goes away but comes back later .


What are the causes of possession?

The Djinn do enter the human body for various reasons:

Al- 'Adawa, or hostility

This is also called Al-Mass Al- 'Adaw, this always concerns a Shaytaan an' Ifriet or a Maarid and therefore not a Muslim Jinn. This Shaytaan enters the body of a person because he hates the person because of the fact that the 1 is from the sons of Adam (peace be upon him).

Allah says:

“But by means of the tree Satan deceived them and drove them out of the state in which they were. And We said: Go your way - you are hostile to one another. There will be a temporary residence and livelihood for you on earth. ”(Surah Al-Baqarah verse 36)

Allah also says:

“Surely Satan is an enemy of yours, so treat him as an enemy. He only calls his followers so that they may become residents of the burning Fire. ”(Surah Fatir verse 6)

Al-Intiqam, or for revenge

Man apparently has done something at the Djinn, in most cases unintentionally because we cannot see them. But the Djinn thinks it happened on purpose and takes revenge by entering the body of the person.


Ibn Taymiyya says the following about this:

“It it can happen, and this happens often or in most cases with some because of the rivalry (that's the way the jinn thinks about it) such as that some people do them harm or that they (the jinn) think they (the human) willfully harm them. do harm such as by urinating on them, or by throwing hot water over them (the Djinn) or killing them (the Djinn), and man does not know that he is doing this (harm the Djinn), and in the Djinn there is much ignorance and injustice, and they (the Jinn) punish them (man) with more than they deserve ... (Majmoo'Fatawa chapter 19, p. 24)

The Djinn can take revenge because 1 has done the following:

  • Hot water is poured into the sink or shower without mentioning the name of ALLAH, if there is a Djinn there it can be burned.
  • Peeing in a hole or well, the Djinn live in many of these places.
  • The maltreatment of animals, such as a dog, cat or snake, it is possible that 1 of these animals is a Djinn in the form of an animal, so we again see the warning from ALLAH that Dhulm (injustice) is not allowed regardless of whom.
  • Shouting, crying, singing or reciting Koran in the shower or toilet.
  • Jumping from a high place down without mentioning the name of ALLAH, one can land on a Djinn and hurt or even kill him.
  • Throwing a stone or other object without mentioning the name of ALLAH.
  • Reading the books of Sihr (wizards) and playing games related to Sihr such as the ouija board or calling up so-called ghosts.
  • Spraying anti-pesticide on insects, especially cockroaches without mentioning the name of ALLAH.


Often when a person is possessed by a Djinn because of Intiqam it can happen that certain body parts become paralyzed, this may not always be the case. At the moment that the Djinn is unable to take revenge on a person because this person is protected with supplications or for other reasons, it may happen that the Djinn will then take revenge by entering the body of a neighbor of that person, for example his wife or children, this is called Al-Intiqam 'Air Mubasheer. That is why it is important that the entire family adhere to the pleas of the morning and the evening, and that the parents protect their children with the pleas when they are too small to do it themselves.

Al-Dhulm (Injustice)

And this kind of Possession happens because the Djinn just wants to do wrong to a person, just like there are people who just want to bother other people for no reason, this is also the case with the Djinn. Only there is a mistake in this, because Possession can only succeed if a person does not protect himself with the remembrance of ALLAH.


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Al - Isq

or the Djinn enters the body of a person because of the fact that the Djinn falls in love with this person, a blind desire / lust, and the Djinn mainly wants to have fellowship with this person. Because this type of possession is common and is also a difficult case, we will discuss it separately and extensively.


or the Djinn enters the body of a person engaged in doing bad things (listening to music, adultery, alcohol drug use, etc.). The nature (hawaa) of this person is the same as that of the Djinn, they both like bad things and so this Djinn enters this person's body to do bad things together. So this is about Shayateen from under the Djinn and among the people coming together.

Allah says in the Quran in Surah Al-An'aam verse 112:

"In the same way We have made an enemy for every prophet, devils from below people and the jinn. They whisper gilded words to one another to deceive — and if your Lord had willed, they would not have done it; therefore leave them alone with what they invent. ”

This possession also often occurs because of the great destruction that exists today. So it is a warning to anyone who does bad things and neglects his body like those who smoke or drink alcohol, but also to the people who listen to music, are badly dressed and you name it, everything that is haram loves the Shaytaan and someone who does a lot of this will get a companion from under the Shayateen in his body.

Allah has already warned us about this:

Allah says in the Koran surah Al-Zochroef verse 36:

"And whosoever turneth away from the worship of the Merciful, behind him We set a satan to be his companion."

So oh weak servant, repent and stop behaving like a beast before an even worse being enters your body and one soon strays from the light of ALLAH that one will only see darkness. And especially the people who call on others to commit sins.

Ibn AbdelBarr said:

“When a Shaytaan Djinn sees a Shaytaan man, he looks for him and takes possession of him, and then they can work together, because the Djinn loves the actions of this man. Together they help each other to be far from Allah and to attract others. Their Hawaa is one. "

There are people who have done Zinaa, but we don't call them Shaytaan Al-Ins, but we call them "Asie (sinner)," but when he goes to his friends and invites them to it and makes it beautiful for them, this is now a Shaytaan Al Ins. We do not mean by this that he or she is a Kafier, but a rebellion this is also the literal translation of Shaytaan, he or she is rebellious towards ALLAH and invites others to the bad, the same thing that the Shayatians do from under the Jinn. And this kind of person is the prey of Al-Mass Al-Hawa, because the nature and purpose of these people is the same as that of certain Shayateen.


Symptoms of Mass al-Hawa:

  • He hardly or never remembers Allah (Sudood 'an dhikrillah)
  • Keeping sins (Hubul Ma'sieja) and keeping inviting to them and he has no patience to commit sins and invites others to it.
  • When he commits a sin, he is in a good mood and very cheerful
  • He hates knowledge about Islam, lectures, etc.
  • He thinks about sins, thinks how to commit them and even plans them ahead.
  • He can't think of good things.
  • He likes to get along with people who also commit sins and his heart is at rest when he is with them.
  • He doubts about Allah and His Power and Power.
  • If this person is alone, he is not happy and lives a humiliating life
  • He has a fear inside that cannot be seen from the outside.


De different forms of possession

We have discussed the reasons why a Djinn enters the body of a person, we are now going to deal with the various forms of Possession. Every form such as possession by Sihr causes certain human complaints and has certain symptoms. It is quite possible that a person is possessed and that it is not due to Sihr, but that the symptoms and complaints are almost identical to those of Sihr. Thus, almost any form of Sihr can simply be caused by Possession or by the Evil Eye and Al-Hasad. Only through careful investigation can one diagnose what it is exactly.


Al-Mass Al-Wahami

Al-Mass Al-Wahami is basically not a real possession, it is more based on whisperings of the Qareen or Shayateen from outside where the washing haze becomes so strong that a person gets symptoms of possession and that even with a Roqyah treatment this person responds as someone who is possessed. This occurs with people who often go to magicians, fortune tellers, etc. because they are interested in the so-called mysticism and the unseen (while only ALLAH has knowledge about this), or they visit these bad people because of a physical ailment. This variant is also common among people who deal with bad and indecent matters. And because they go to the wizards, the wizards tell these people that they are possessed or touched by Sihr. Because the places they visit are (magicians) places of Kufr and darkness, these people get a lot of washing up, very strong washing up that reaches a point of strong illusion that they are possessed.


Al-Mass Al-Garizi

Al-Mass Al-Garizi is a form of possession in which the Shaytaan harasses people from the outside, causing a person to have a hard time in his life, this is not covered by laundry. The Shaytan touches and literally harasses this person from outside his body, this causes the person both physical and mental complaints, it also happens that the Shaytaan appears to this person in the form of, for example, his wife to have intercourse or in the form of scary things to scare this person. Very often this is a Djinn Tajier. Muslim has a hadith in his Saheeh that is narrated by Hudaifah (may Allah be pleased with him) who said:

“While we were eating with the Prophet (peace be upon him), we did not place our hands toward the sign before the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) placed his hand there first. We were eating with him once, when a young girl came up as if she were being pushed. She wanted to go with her hand toward the food, but the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) held her hand. Then a Bedouin came as if he were being pushed, and he held his hand.

And then the Messenger of ALLAH (peace be upon him) said: “The Shaytaan sees food as legal (for themselves) about which the name of ALLAH has not been pronounced. He brought this girl so that the food is allowed for him (the Shaytaan) through her, but I held her hand. Then he brought this Bedouin so that the food is allowed for him (the Shaytaan) through him (the Bedouin), but I held his hand. With the One in whose Hand my soul is, his hand (from the Shaytaan) is in mine along with her hand (from the girl). ”

So in this hadith 2 we see clear examples of Al-Mass Al-Garizi, the Shaytaan encouraged this 2 to go and eat without saying the name of ALLAH, because in the hadith are the words "Ka annaha Tadfa" "Meaning it seemed as though she was being pushed, so she didn't do it with her own will, so the scholars have taken evidence of this kind of possession from this hadith.


Al-Al-Mass Al-Taaief

Al-Al-Mass Al-Taaief, Allah the Exalted says in Surah Al-A'raaf verse 200-201:

“And if an evil inspiration from Satan encourages you (to evil), then seek refuge with Allah; surely He is All-hearing, All-knowing. "

"Those who fear (God), when they are caught angry by Satan, remember Allah and see, they are seeing."


Ibn Kathir (may Allah have mercy on him) says about the word Taiefoen:

"And some have translated it as anger, and some as obsession by the Shaytaan…."

This Possession is a form in which a Shaytaan enters the body of a human being perhaps only for a few seconds to a few minutes to give this person an angry impulse that can result in anger, murder etc. So all these terrible things while the possession itself only lasts a very short time, so one must remember ALLAH and seek refuge in him to heal from this species.


Al-Mass Al-Isq

Al-Mass Al- 'Isq, we would study this separately, Al'isq or blind lust is therefore a reason for possession, but in principle it is a form of possession in itself. A Djinn of the 'Aseeq type or in the case of a female Djinnia' Aseeqa can be compared to an oversexed person, a person who has let go of his lust and his sexual need has become so great that he goes hunting for community and people so goes attacking and sees them as his property. The main point here is community, so the Djinn has become blind from his lust and only thinks of community and sees the body of a person he falls in love with as his property. This type of Djinn are very stubborn and cause many problems for people and this variant is there for both men and women, but one sees it more with women. This Djinn is literally capable of raping his victims from the inside out and even having them come out in a painful and unpleasant way several times. This Djinn also gives his victims a lot of tendency to zinaa, dreams about fellowship and dirty thoughts wander through the day the head. This kind of Possession is truly a great test, but the victims do not have to worry as soon as they fight in the permitted way and turn to the Lord of the Worlds there will be healing and power.


The main reason why the 'Aseeq enters the body of a person is having intercourse, and the treatment will have to concentrate on that. So the point is that it must be made impossible for this Djinn to enjoy the body he or she is in, the body must become a prison and place of torture for the Djinn, from which the Djinn must leave as quickly as possible and otherwise die !


The Djinn 'Aseeq can enter the body for various reasons:


  • Al-Mass, or Possession independent of something or someone, this Djinn does not work for a sahir and operates independently.


Ibn 'Abdelbarr (may Allah have mercy on him) says the following about this:


“The most common reasons for Mass Al-'Isq, and it is most common among singles, and this is: A person, male or female, but it is more common in women, is going to look at themselves naked in the mirror, or gets ready and admires himself but does not thank ALLAH for that, when a Djinn comes along at the same time and he sees her like that and thinks she is beautiful then he can take possession of her ”.

So we see that this may be a reason why a jinn enters the body with the reason "Isq (blind lust).


  • Al-Sihr, or by enchantment, this is therefore a Gadim Al-Sihr, a Djinn who works for a sahir. A Djinn 'Aseeq through Sihr can be done in 2 ways:
  • Sihr, a spell is being put on a person, causing a jinn to enter this person's body, and this Djinn falls in love or has a blind and addictive desire for fellowship, most of which are the following:
    1. Sihr Tafreeq (enchantment of the divorce)
    2. Sihr Ta'teel Al-Jawaz (spell that a person cannot marry) - Sihr Al-Mahaba or Tiwala (spell of love)
    3. Sihr Tahjeez
    4. Rabt (spell of knotting)
  • The Evil Eye, the sahir, commands his worker, who is known for his sexual desire, to go to that and that person and give him an angry eye and thereby enter his body, so here comes no real sorcery pass, but this Djinn will respond to verses from Sihr, because he has a pact with the sahir, and he is seen as a gadim Al-Sihr Al-Hasad
  • The Evil Eye, here is the difference with the Gadim Al-Sihr that this is a Djinn who is independent and does not work for a sahir, the Djinn sees a person he likes and longs for this person and leaves his bad soul get the upper hand and give an evil eye and enter the body of this person, or a person admires another person for his beauty or has envy against this person and because of this he touches this person with the Evil Eye or envy and a jinn goes body, which may belong to the 'Aseeq type.


I will show briefly that most people are possessed by an 'Aseeq' because they have turned their back on the Koran and the Sunnah.


Causes of being hit by a Djinn 'Aseeq


  • Admiring yourself in front of the mirror, without being thankful to ALLAH (The Prophet peace be upon him, has told us to always be ALLAH grateful for the favors we have had)
  • Vanity, half-naked, haughty, go out or go among the people, and this is primarily intended for women. Has Allah and his messenger peace be upon him to order the woman to cover her beauties and not to give up to others except her husband? Yet today we see that even the Kuffar are sometimes better dressed than some sisters, Wallahi, sometimes it seems that they are naked and only a color covers their body!
  • Entering into the forbidden, entering into forbidden relationships, boys talking to girls and girls talking to boys, mixing the sexes, etc., etc. Did ALLAH not admit adultery haram and call it great sin, the Prophet peace be upon Didn't warn him about the fitna of mixing between the sexes? And yet we see boys and girls talking to each other, laughing, and beyond this while they are familiar with the commandments of ALLAH and his Messenger peace be upon him.


These are a number of causes, there are more, for those who have been touched by the 'Aseeq and have not been guilty of the above, then you are among the loved ones of ALLAH who are simply being tested so that they can increase their iman, those who do themselves guilty of this and whether or not they have (yet) been touched by the 'Aseeq, show repentance and behave like a person, not a beast!


Symptoms of the 'Aseeq

  1. Many bad and violent dreams.
  2. The person feels like there is someone in his bed but he sees nothing.
  3. The person feels something that increases his desire.


  1. In his dream the person feels like there has been real fellowship and wakes up very tired.
  2. The person just smells perfume.
  3. Hearing in your ear when you are in bed while there is nobody.
  4. Often the feeling that someone is on your genitals while no one is around.
  5. This person does not want to get married, and has a lot of excuses for it.
  6. If he is a married person, he does not want to have sexual intercourse (this can also be the case with other types of Al-Mass and Sihr) with his partner, but to commit or masturbate zinaa.
  7. If it is a married person, it feels oppressive when there is sexual intercourse with the partner.
  8. If there is sexual intercourse between the partners then this is only to make the other person happy, the person with the Djinn 'Aseeq actually doesn't want to.
  9. If there is sexual intercourse between the partners, and 1 has a Djinn 'Aseeq, the partner joins the community, after the act this person feels bad and very tired and hates the act and some even find it so much as if they have done zinnaa and cry.
  10. After dreaming of sexual intercourse, the person is very tired.
  11. Dreams about having fellowship with acquaintances such as own father, children, brothers etc.
  12. The person affected by the 'Aseeq can sometimes just find a hair in his underpants that is not his.
  13. The 'Aseeq unfortunately also occurs in young children, for example, they wake up naked while they are dressed, the children always complain of pain in the genitals without medical cause, the little ones also often see shapes of the' Aseeq, so take it your children seriously when they arrive with such things.


Dreams about community can be divided into 2:

  1. A person dreams that there is sexual intercourse, this is a normal dream and has 3 conditions:
    1. This only happens after puberty (Baligh), and this happens so that a person can get rid of his fluid (sperm, etc.), this is how Allah made it
    2. The person dreams about having intercourse but there is no real contact with the genitals, just looking at each other or touching and because of that the person gets an ejaculation (al-Many) and the dream stops and this takes everything together for a few seconds.
    3. There is no fatigue when the person is awake and these kinds of dreams do not happen occasionally so 1 times in the 3 months.
  2. A person dreams that there is sexual intercourse, and this is due to the influence of the Djinn.
    1. This person thinks about sexual intercourse at any time.
    2. In this dream there is real sexual intercourse, so the genitals touch each other.
    3. This dream lasts a long time depending on the strength of the person.
    4. If this person wakes up after the dream, then he is very tired, just as if he actually had sexual intercourse, this person sometimes sweats too.
    5. This dream is common, sometimes 3 times a week, sometimes every day and sometimes every time he sleeps even though he does this 3 times a day.
    6. In this dream, the person often gets to see that he has intercourse with people with whom it should never be allowed, such as his mother, father, sisters, etc.


Having community between Djinn and humans consists of 4 categories:

  1. Al-Ihtilaam, Everything happens only in a dream, and it is necessary that this person perform the ghusl due to possible ejaculation.
  2. Al-Istimtaa ', Here the Djinn enjoys the human being without being aware of it, in a way that only ALLAH knows, this person does not have to do ghusl
  3. Al-Mu'asarat Al-Gafeejat, here the Djinn has fellowship with the human being, and the human being knows this but cannot stop it.
  4. Al-Taskeel, here the Djinn takes on a form of a person and enters into fellowship with a person, this is a very advanced and very dangerous stage.

The purpose of the Djinn 'Aseeq is therefore to have fellowship with a human being, here are a number of things that human beings can do and with which the will of ALLAH can prevent this.

  1. Coat the genitals with black or red musk and if you do not have this with rose water or olive oil.
  2. Smear the body with a mix oil of olive oil and habat sawda on which roqya verses have been recited and use this to lubricate daily before sleeping.
  3. Coat the bed linen and sleeping clothes with musk or nice smells.
  4. Do not sleep naked or put on transparent clothes, sleep well dressed.
  5. Saying Bismillah when putting on clothes, according to the Prophet's Hadith (peace be upon him).
  6. Keeping the pleas of the morning and the evening in mind and especially the pleas before bedtime.
  7. Stay away from sins and keep all obligations.
  8. Don't just sleep as far as possible.
  9. Doing at ALLAH that He protects you and keeps the Shayateen away from you.

The treatment of a Djinn 'Aseeq

The treatment of a Djinn 'Aseeq is done through the permitted Roqyah, one uses the verses of Dham Al-Fahisat and further the verses of the cause of the' Aseeq, so either Sihr or Al-Mass or the Evil Eye and Al- Hasad.

In the beginning people use the intention to get the Djinn out of the body, they often invite the Djinn to Islam, even though the Djinn doesn't talk, he still hears you, you see that after 3 days the Djinn is still there is, then one changes his intention to ask ALLAH to kill and burn this Djinn.


How to kill a Djinn 'Aseeq with the will of ALLAH?

  1. Reciting or listening to Surah Al-Baqarah daily, and reciting yourself is better.
  2. Put Ayat Al-Kursi on CD for an hour and play it next to your bed while sleeping.
  3. Take a bucket of water and put your fingers in it, it should preferably be a large bucket of water so that the water lasts for a few days, and every time you see that the water has run out you make new ones.

You put your fingers in and your mouth close to the water and recite the following verses over it. Only take your hands out when you are finished reciting and keep the intention that you want ALLAH to burn the Djinn while reciting.

  • 3 x Bismillahi Alladhi La Yadhurru ma'a ismihi shaj-un fil-ardhi wala fis-sama-ie wa huwa assamie'ul aleem
  • 3 x A'udu billahi Al-Samee'ul 'Aleem minna shay taani razim min hamzihi wa nafgihi wa naftih, wa min hamazati shaytaan, wa a'odoedu bika rabi an-jahduroen.
  • 3 x A'udu billahi Al-'Adema wa biwazhihil Karee m wa Sultaanihil Quay minna Shaytaani Razim Al-Mareed Al-La'een Al-'Done Al-Tareed.
  • 3 x A'udu bi-potassi matillaahi taammaati min sharri ma khalaq
  • 3 x A'udu bi-kalimaatillaahi taammaa min koellie shaytaanien wa haammaa wa mien koellie 'aajnien laamma.
  • 7 x A'udu bi-kalimaatillaahi taammaa min ghadabihi wa 'ikaabihi wa sarri' ibadihi.
  • 3 x Tahsinat bi dwil 'izza wal djabroet wa i'tisa moenna bi rabil malakut wa tawakalat' alal hay al-baaki alladi laa yaamut.
  • 1 x 'A'oedu bikalimaatil-laahi-taammaatil-lateelaa yujaawizuhunna barrun wa laa faajimn min sharri maa khalaqa, wa bara'a wa thara'a, wa min sharri maa yanzilu minas-samaa'i, wa min sharri maa ya'ruju feehaa, wa min sharri maa thara'a fil-'ardhi, wa min sharri ma yakhruju minhaa, wa min sharri fitanil-layli wannahaari, wa min sharri kulli taariqin 'illaa taariqan yatruqu bikhayrin yaa Rahmaan.
  • Surah Al-Kahf verse 29
  • Surah Al-Maidah fresh 33
  • Surah Al-Anfaal verse 50 and 51
  • Surah Al-A'raaf verse 18
  • Surah Hud verse 117, 118 and 119
  • Surah Al-Sajdat verse 11 up to 14 and 18 up to 22
  • Surah Saad fresh 76 through 85
  1. Drink this water every time you are thirsty and wash 1 times a day with this water and preferably just before bed.
  2. Brush all openings of your body with musk, preferably black musk (mouth, nose, ears, genitals front and back, navel, toe and fingernails, nipples, above the eyebrows, on the eyelids)
  3. Listening or reciting the next Suwar 1x in the morning and 1x in the evening with the intention of burning the Djinn. You don't have to do everything at once, but this is the best, if time is short, you have to divide it into 3 days, and in these 3 days you should have listened to them all, so you can continue for the next 3 days.

- Al-Nur, Al-Saffat, Al-Dukhaan, Yosof, Al-Rahmaan, last part Al-Hashr, Mulk, Djinn, Burooj, Tarik, Al-A'la, Al-Ghasiyat, Al-Zalzalah, Al-Qari 'at, Al-Humazah, Al-Kafiroon, Al-Ikhlaas, Al-Falaq, Al-Annas.

  1. Sprinkle your bedding daily with musk, and if possible also your pajamas.
  2. Recite the following verses at least 1 a day or listen to the next link number 2 at least 9 hours a day.


Khalid Al Habshi

  • Surah Al-Baqarah 30:
  • Surah Al-Baqarah 168-169:
  • Surah Al-Baqarah 205:
  • Surah Al-Baqarah 219-222:
  • Surah Al-Baqarah 268:
  • Surah Al-Baqarah 275:
  • Surah Ali-'Imraan 14:
  • Surah Ali-'Imraan 119:
  • Surah Ali-'Imraan 135:
  • Surah Ali-'Imraan 197:
  • Surah Al-Nisaa 16:
  • Surah Al-Nisaa 22:
  • Surah Al-Nisaa 25:
  • Surah Al-Nisaa 77:
  • Surah Al-Nisaa 95:
  • Surah Al-Maidah 33:
  • Surah Al-Maidah 41:
  • Surah Al-An'aam 151:
  • Surah Al-A'raaf 27-28:
  • Surah Al-A'raaf 33:
  • Surah Al-A'raaf 46:
  • Surah Al-A'raaf 102:
  • Surah Yunus 70:
  • Surah Hud 43:
  • Surah Hud 64:
  • Surah Hud 78:
  • Surah Yusuf 23-34:
  • Surah Yusus 50-53:
  • Surah Al-Nahl 90:

Please note that when it becomes clear that the Djinn may have left the body or been killed, the body must be immediately closed so that re-entry by the same Djinn (who has left) or fellows (from the Djinn) who died) happens again. This route is suitable for everyone, when it is clear whether a Djinn has left the body or has died, so also people with Sihr, Evil Eye and other types of Possession, the plan to compete with the body can be found in Appendix 8.

Djinn Tajier (Flying DJinn) fact or fiction!

Abu Tha'laba Al-Khushani said: The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said:

"The Djinn consist of 3 types; A type that has wings, and they fly through the air, a type that takes the form of snakes and dogs, and a type that stops for a rest break and then resumes its journey. ”(Reported by al-Tahaawi in Mushkil al-Athaar 4 / 95 and saheeh declared by Albaani in al-Mishkaat 2 / 1206 nr. 4148)

We see from the above hadeeth that there are Djinn that can fly, and it is this type of Djinn that is called Tajier and the possession is also called Al-Mass Al-Areed. The Tajier is a Djinn who usually enters the body through Al-Mass for various reasons. The problem with this type of Djinn is that as soon as one intends to do Roqyah or an act of worship, the Tajier flies out of the body. But the Tajier comes back later, either after a day, month, year and sometimes it never comes back.

So during the Roqyah, the person will feel very well and think there is nothing left, but after the Roqyah, the Tajier will try to go back into the body and if it fails then the Tajier will harass this person from the outside. most Tajier Djinn are not in the body, but on the outside.

Symptoms of Tajier

A person who has a Tajier often experiences the following symptoms:


  • Repeated dreams that you can fly or see creatures or animals that fly, the person often dreams that he is flying over cemeteries or sees many planes in his dream (a person does have clear symptoms of possession and the person is usually afraid of these dreams).
  • Abnormal fear of heights and fear of boarding aircraft.
  • Steam / hard sigh from mouth or stream from arms and feet, this is when the Tajier enters and exits the body.
  • Someone is suddenly gone with his thoughts for no reason.


The treatment:

  • Baptizing sweatbands in Roqyah water and putting on the wrists and ankles, and keeping the straps on and starting Roqyah, when the Tajier is in the body it is made difficult for him to get out and the Roqyah will have effect and when he is out it becomes difficult for him to enter the body.
  • Listen to Surah Yasin a lot.
  • Hijaamah, the Tajier leaves his athar every time he goes out, something of himself like a scent, if this athar is removed the Tajier will no longer be able to enter the body with the will of Allah. The athar is usually in the arms or legs, it is a place in the body that always hurts.