Ajwa Dates

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Medjoul Dates 500 grams

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Ajwa Alia 250 grams

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Maamoul Dates Cookies

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Ajwa-Medjoul Dates Mix Pack 500 grams

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de Traay Organic Date Syrup

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Khodry Dates 400 gr

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Qamar Premium Large Palestinian Medjoul Dates 2KG

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Are you looking for delicious dates? These flavorful fruits are a real treat and are an important part of various cuisines and cultures around the world. At Soennah Dokter we have an extensive range of high-quality dates that will surprise you with their delicious taste and nutritious properties.

What Are Dates?

What exactly are dates? Fresh dates are the ultimate delicacy of the moment. These dried fruits grow on date palms in bunches and have an oval shape. The taste of dates is reminiscent of a delicious combination of honey and caramel. At Soennah Dokter you can choose from various types of dates, such as the organic medjoul date, the Ajwa date and the Lulu date.

Did you know that natural dates are healthy and contain a good source of nutrients? They are full of minerals, vitamins, fruit sugars and fiber and also taste delicious! A true treat, as a snack or as a dessert after a tasty dinner. Did you also know that dates are good and healthy? 

Different ways to enjoy

Dates can be eaten in different ways. Most dates are without added sugars and preservatives, but there are also dried dates and dates used in delicious cookies. At Soennah Dokter we also have a delicious date tea that is extremely popular. In addition, the dates contain dates that give you energy quickly. natural sugars, In short, with us you will find a wide range of the tastiest dates. Pure nature and a wonderful taste sensation! 

The delicious taste of fresh dates

Organic dates naturally contain a lot of fruit sugar, which gives them their characteristic sweet taste. The growing environment and production method have a major influence on the final taste. At Soennah Dokter we offer dates without added sugars and preservatives, so that the dates retain their delicious natural taste. The dates are also picked by hand at the right moment of ripening, so that we can guarantee the tastiest dates. So absolutely worth it.

Buy dates? Choose Sunnah Doctor

At Soennah Dokter you will find an extensive range of delicious and organic dates. Whether you are looking for fresh dates, dried dates, date tea or other date products, you have come to the right place. Our dates are of the highest quality and are selected with care, so that you can always enjoy the tastiest and most flavorful fruits.

Order your favorite dates easily and quickly online at Soennah Dokter and be surprised by the delicious taste of this natural delicacy. Our dates are 100% halal and free of added sugars or preservatives, so you can enjoy the purity and quality of our products with peace of mind.