Halal candy

Gummi Zone Burger Halal Candy

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Ginger candy

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Arkovox Honey-Lemon Throat Pastilles

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Gummi Zone Pizza Halal Candy

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Soraya Biscuits Arabic Alphabet

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Sweeto Halal Candy - Cola 80 grams

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Sweeto – Sour Rings 80 grams

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Sweeto Halal Candy - Cherries 80 grams

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Discover Our Range of Delicious Halal Sweets at Soennah Doctor

Are you looking for delicious halal sweets? Search no further! At Soennah Dokter we have an extensive range of tasty and halal sweets that meet all your wishes. Whether you're looking for traditional favorites or new treats, we've got something for everyone.

The halal candy is carefully composed and meets the Islamic dietary requirements. Enjoy our delicious sweets with peace of mind, because at Soennah Dokter we always have the tastiest and responsible choice in store for you. Discover our extensive range and treat yourself to the tasty world of halal sweets.

What is halal candy?

By this we mean candy that meets the Islamic dietary requirements. Halal candy is also often referred to as gelatin-free candy. It is produced and processed according to Islamic halal guidelines. Halal sweets do not use ingredients that are prohibited by Islam, such as pork gelatin or alcohol. It is a delicious and responsible choice for everyone. From sour mats to marshmallows, halal candies are available in numerous varieties.

Halal sweets offer a responsible and tasty alternative for all sweets lovers. It is produced with care, with ingredients carefully selected to comply with halal guidelines.

“Taste the deliciousness of halal sweets, a tasty choice with a pure heart.”

Why Choose Halal Sweets from Soennah Doctor?

Proven Quality and Purity: Our candies are carefully selected and meet strict quality standards. It is 100% halal and free of unwanted ingredients.

Delectable Taste: Let your taste buds be pampered by our delicious sweets. From soft and fruity to sweet and crunchy, our halal sweets offer a range of taste experiences.

Suitable for Everyone: Our range is suitable for young and old, perfect for any occasion. Whether it's treats for parties, presents for special days, or just to treat yourself, our sweets are always a great gift choice.

Gelatin-free candy: A good choice

A characteristic of halal candy is that it is gelatin-free. Gelatin, made from animal sources such as pigs, is not allowed in halal products. Instead, plant-based or halal-certified gelatin alternatives are used to give the candy its delicious texture. For example, sweets with gelatin-free ingredients can be enjoyed with confidence by anyone who follows the halal guidelines.

Order our delicious Halal sweets now

Don't wait any longer and treat yourself to our delicious halal certified sweets. Order now easily and securely online at Soennah Dokter and enjoy the sweet and tasty treats we have to offer.

We guarantee the highest quality and purity of the delicious sweets, so that you can enjoy with peace of mind. Discover our range and choose from a variety of delicious flavours. At Soennah Dokter you are assured of the best candy experience! Choose the tastiest sweets and put them in the shopping cart. You can then easily order and within a few days you will receive the delicious sweets at your home.