Listen to Roqya

On this page you will find various Roqyah reviewers. All roqya recordings are therefore recorded with the intention for Roqya. That makes the roqyah much more effective. Furthermore, at Elke Qaari we have given our own opinion of recordings.


  1. It is advisable to first do the washing before you start listening to roqya.
  2. Take a pure intention for healing and know that this is only a means and that Allah is the healer.
  3. It is even more effective when you rub yourself with recited oil and drink some Koran water before listening
  4. Listen to it with headphones
  5. Make regular notes about how you react and with which part (time) of the Audio
  6. Know that listening to roqya Audios is an afterthought and reciting the Quran and performing Dua is Main. So don't let it keep you from reciting the quran.
  7. Show your Symptoms while listening. Search the Symptoms on our website for more info.




Khalid al habshi's roqya Audios are very extended and consists of more than 30 different recordings. Most recordings end with pleas(dua). We certainly recommend the audios and it is especially suitable for investigating what is wrong with you ( self diagnosis ).

The roqya audios of Abdullah Al kahliefa are especially deep soothing and alhamdoelillaah have a very good effect on the soul. Especially complaints such as depression en restlessness It is certainly recommended but also for the treatment of other complaints.

Omar Al 3atifie's roqyah audios are especially very powerful against the trickiest and most hidden in Djinn the body. Feather repeated he often has certain supplications (ed3iyah) and that is also very effective. More recordings of him will be uploaded soon!

The roqyah of Mohamed al Ghashramie consists of 1 audio of 1 hours and 28 min. The audio is suitable a very effective with sihr, possession and angry eye / jealousy. Unfortunately, the quality of the audio is somewhat less.

The roqyah of Saud Faiz consists of 1 audio of 40 min. In it he recites the main verses and pleas for Sihr, evil eye, possession and specifically the djin in love. At the same time it is a very soothing audio.