Sihr (Wizardry)

Everything about Sihr and Wizards

Everything about Sihr En Wizards


In this article we will discuss everything that has to do with sihr and wizards. From recognition to treatment inshallah.

Linguistic significance of Sihr

The scholars of Ahlu Sunnah wal Djamaa'ah have explained the definitions for Sihr for us, I will mention a few of those opinions: About the linguistic meaning of Sihr, the scholars say:

Al-Layth says, An act that one does so that he comes closer to Shaytaan and this act is performed with the help of Shaytaan.

Al-Azhar says, Sorcery finds its basis in obscuring / concealing the reality of something in something else. (Tadhib Al-Lugha)

Ibn Mansur says, The wizard makes the false look real and makes people believe in something that is not reality, so he has bewitched reality, in other words he has obscured reality. (Lisan Al-'Arab)

Shamir narrates from ibn 'Aisha that he has said: The Arabs have sorcery, called Sihr because it takes away health and gives an illness instead.

Ibn Faris said, some have said that the task is to make the false look real.

Sihr as meaning in the faith

Fakr Ad-Deen Al-Razi says: Sihr in the context of faith means everything whose cause is secret and that takes place outside of reality, involving deception and scam. (Al-Misbah Al-Munir)

Ibn Qudama Al-Maqdisi says: It is about knots, spells that are spoken or written words or deeds that affect the body, heart or mind of the enchanted person, without even touching him.

This is real and there is even sorcery that causes death or a disease, that keeps a man from having intercourse with his wife, or that causes the man to divorce his wife. It can also hate

cause people between 2 or make 2 people love each other, (Al-Mughni).

If we have studied all opinions, we can briefly say that the meaning of Sihr is:

A contract between the sahir (sorcerer) and the Shaytaan, and sometimes this happens literally on paper with even witnesses present, whereby the sorcerer has to do certain acts of Kufr (disbelief) Shirk (Polytheism), Great sins and horrors and where trade-in before that the Shaytaan does certain things for the wizard and obeys him to a certain degree.

Sihr is real and not a myth, it is a dark and horrible practice in which people's lives are destroyed by means of spells, buttons, magicians, magic wizards, etc.

Proof of Sihr in the Koran and Sunnah

There are many people who do not believe that Sihr exists and think that sorcery only occurs in films, on the one hand this is due to ignorance in the faith and on the other hand to whisperings from the Shaytaan who want people not to know about his dark practices.

There are even people, especially in Moroccan circles who think that as long as they don't talk about Sihr and Shayateen that nothing happens to them, some of these people go to wizards, so the logic here is hard to find.

Of course we should not concern ourselves with Sihr and Shayateen, but we should deal with what faith tells us about these things, how we can protect ourselves against these things and how we can heal ourselves if we are affected. Simply thinking that if one does not think about it and talks about nothing happening, it is unfortunately not enough.

Proofs from the Koran


"And they follow the same way that the devils took against the reign of Solomon - and Solomon was not unbelieving, but unbelieving were the devils and they taught the people Sihr (sorcery, deceit, illusion). And (they act upon) what was revealed to the two angels, Harut and Marut in Babylon. But neither of these taught any one until they said, “We are but a trial; therefore do not disbelieve ”. Thus they (the people) learn from them that with which they make a dispute between a man and his wife, but they harm no one except by the command of Allah; but these learn what harms them and does them no good, though they know that he who does these things has no gain in the Hereafter; bad is what they sold their souls for; had they only seen it! ”

(surah Al-Baqarah 102)


Moses said, “Do you say this of the truth after it comes to you? Is this wizardry? But wizards never succeed. ”

“And when the magicians came, Moses said to them,“ Throw whatever you want to throw.

And when they threw, Moses said, “What you have brought is only deceit. Surely Allah will destroy it. Verily, Allah does not make the work of the evil-doers prosper. "

And Allah confirms the truth through His words, even if the guilty are averse. "

(surah Yoenas fresh 80-82)

Proofs from the Sunnah

"Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) reported:

“A man named Lubaid ibn al-A'sam (Jew) from the B ani Zurayq did Sihr with the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), until Allah his Messenger (peace be upon him) suggested that he had done something that he had not done (fellowship with his wives).

One day, while he was with me, he called on Allah for a long time and then said, "O Aisha!

Did you know that Allah informed me about what I asked of Him?

Two men (2 angels) came to me, one by my head and the other by my feet. 1 of them said to his companion, what is this man (the Prophet) suffering from? He is enchanted (Matbub or Mashur).

The first asked again, who did it? The other said, Lubaid ibn Al-A'sam. The first asked again, what did he use (material)? The other said, a comb and the hair (from the beard) attached to it and the roots of a male date tree.

The first early again, where is it? The other said, in the well of Dharwaan!

So Allah his Messenger (peace be upon him), along with a few of his companions went there (the well) and came back saying, O 'Aisha, the color of the water was just like that of henna. And the roots of the date tree looked just like the heads of Shayateen.

I asked, O Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), why don't you show it (to the people)? He said, because Allah has already healed me, and I would not spread the evil (fitnah) to the people. Then he gave the order to fill the well with earth. ”(Bukhari and Muslim)


The above hadith was found to be saheeh by the scholars of hadith, but this hadith does nothing to the perfection and failure of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), as claimed by some innovators and enemies of Islam, the scholars of Ahlu Sunnah wa'l Djama'a, both past and present, have clearly and with evidence proved that the Sihr the Prophet (peace be upon him) suffered only had effect on whether or not he had intercourse with his wives.

It did nothing about other things such as Revelations from Allah and the like as has been proven in the Seerah (Biography) of the Prophet (peace be upon him).


Abu Hureira (may Allah be pleased with him) reported:

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

"Avoid the 7 destructive sins (Al-Sab'at Al-Maw biqaat), people asked, What are they?

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

Shirk (idolatry), Sihr (sorcery), killing a person without a shar'i reason, Ribaa (interest), Consuming the power of orphans, Fleeing the battlefield (during Jihad), Accusing an innocent chaste woman of Zinaa (adultery). Bukhari and Muslim)

In the above hadith we see clearly that the Prophet (peace be upon him) indicates Sihr or sorcery as 1 of the greatest sins, it is a destructive sin, a sin for which one gets a place in hell.

The contract between the wizard (Sahir) and Shaytaan

Now that the meaning of Sihr is clear and there is enough evidence to be found in both the Quran and Sunnah, we continue to explain how the wizards (may Allah curse them and humiliate them) work.

We start from the beginning, namely the contract between the wizard and the Shaytaan, it was already clear that agreements are made between the wizard and the Shaytaan and that these agreements are sometimes even recorded on paper.

The wizard has learned Sihr either from another wizard or from the many books that exist about Sihr, this explains exactly how he can start a contract / collaboration with the Shayatan.

The wizard calls on 1 of the kings or queens of the Shayateen through devilish spells in which he commits disbelief and shirk and the wizard praises them and praises them, he also does various acts of disbelief and such matters, we will discuss this later .

After that a king or queen of the Shayatan or a Shaytaan with a high position will appear to the wizard, this may be in the form of an animal, an object, or the wizard will only hear a voice. Then the agreements are made, the wizard promises the Shaytaan to commit acts of disbelief and shirk in exchange for help from the Shaytaan to do certain evil deeds for him.

In exchange, the Shaytaan orders some of his subjects from under the Djinn to obey the wizard, this is the so-called "Gadim Al-Sihr" or the wizard's worker.

These workers hate the wizard because they must obey him, but are afraid of not obeying him because of their leader of the Shayateen. Because of this there is a hostility between these workers of the wizard and the wizard, the Shayateen do not leave him and his family alone and cause him much misery, and this is nothing new than what Allah the Exalted told us, namely that it is a harmful doctrine.

There are many methods that wizards use to summon a Shaytaan and conclude a contract with him or to ask him for something.

Not all methods are known, I will list some places that are known.

Methods that the wizard uses to evoke the Shaytaan

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Tareeqat Al-Iksaam or the method of the Oath:

The Wizard enters a dark room while in a state of great uncleanness (djunub) or is wearing clothes that are smeared with unclean things (eg, menstrual blood), then he lights a fire, on which he places incense about which he is not named from Allah. The magician has a different kind of incense for every situation, a stinking kind for separation and a pleasant smelling kind for creating love.

He then pronounces certain diabolical spells full of Shirk and Kufr, in which he swears an oath to the Shaytaan and asks him for help, after this the Shaytaan may appear to him in the form of an animal, object or just hear a voice. After this, the wizard will ask what he wants.


Tareeqat Al-Dhabah or the Method of sacrifice:

The wizard takes an animal, a bird, or chicken or any other animal. The animal is usually black, which is a color that the Djinn loves.

The wizard slaughters the animal without saying the name of Allah and instead speaks the name of one of the Shayateen about it, in some cases the wizard can smear the person who comes to him with this blood, then he throws the slaughtered animal in a remote place that is a home of the Djinn, he returns home and recalls devilish spells and verses full of kufr and shirk, then tells the Shayateen what he wants.

Tareeqat Al-Suflee-ah or the Method of desecration / humiliation:

This method is popular with the wizards, and as a result, the wizard gets many Shayateen under his authority.

This method is terrible, and may the curse of Allah be on the wizards, I cannot believe that people still go to wizards, especially when they hear of this method.

The wizard places the Book of Allah under his feet and uses it as his shoes and thus enters the toilet while saying devil spells and verses from Shirk and Kufr.

When he's done, he orders the Shayateen what to do.

The Sahir also does the most terrible things, and for all people who still think they want to go to a Sahir read well, the worst thing is to humiliate the Book of ALLAH, but the sahir also does other things like having fellowship with 1 from his mahram women, such as his mother, sister etc, or gay community.

O ALLAH destroy this kind of scum and protect us against their actions! The Shayateen immediately do what the wizard wants, because this is a great big Kufr, they almost see the wizard as a family member.

Tareeqat Al-Najaasah or the Method of impurity:

With this method, may the magician make Allah curse him ridicule the verses of the Quran by writing them down with menstrual blood, stools, etc. As he does this, he again says verses from Shirk and Kufr. The Shayateen appear to the wizard and do what he says.

Tareeqat Al-Tanqees or the Method of Turning:

With this method the wizard writes down Koran verses but turns them around, so he starts at the end of a word / sentence and goes to the beginning, then he recites devil spells full of Shikr and Kufr so that the Shaytaan appears to him.

Tareeqat Al-Tanjeem or the Method of Astrology / Observation

With this method, the wizard observes heaven until he sees a certain star described in the books of sorcery. When he sees this star, he recites spells full of Shirk and Kufr and makes certain movements of which he thinks to call the star, in fact he adores the star.

The Shayateen see this as an opportunity to further disbelieve this wizard by giving him what he asks.

The wizard really thinks the star has given it to him and is unaware that he has just committed Shirk and that the Shayateen have actually deceived him.

He is not aware that it is the Shayatans who have done what he asked for him.

These wizards also declare that their magic only works if the star is there, and since some stars can only be seen 1 times a year, these idiots wait every year for this star to commit Shirk and Kufr again.

Many such wizards are the so-called clairvoyants and astrologers that you see even now on TV, where people can call them and ask for advice and help, these pathetic wizards think they are actually being helped by some stars and planets and do not know that Iblies (may Allah curse him) and his helpers fool them.

Al-Talaa'eeb at Sawar wal Ayat or the method of figures and signs:

In this method the wizard uses a young boy who is in a state of minor impurity, the wizard draws a square on the boy's left hand, and on the 4 sides of the square the wizard writes all kinds of spells from Shirk and Kufr.

In the center of the square on the boy's hand, the magician places certain things, such as blue flour and oil or blue ink and oil.

Things like this are all things that the wizard has learned from the books of Sihr, and which the Shayateen love.

The magician takes a rectangular piece of paper and writes on it proverbs consisting of all kinds of symbols and letters and places this paper on the boy's face and wraps his whole head with a thick piece of fabric.

The boy has to look at his palm all the time, but sees nothing because he is completely packed.

The wizard continues to recite devil spells and suddenly he hears from the boy that he sees something moving in his palm, the wizard asks what do you see? The boy answers a man, and now the boy must ask the wizard's questions to the man he sees in his palm.

For example, this method uses the wizard to find certain things for people who have lost them or for missing persons, or to figure out where the Sihr is from someone who has been hit by Sihr.

Here we see another example of the ultimate wickedness of the magician abusing an innocent little child for his diabolical practices.

Tareeqat Al-Athar or the Method of Personal Property:

With this method, the wizard asks the patient for a piece of clothing that still has the scent of his sweat.

The wizard grabs the piece of clothing by the edge and measures a certain distance with his fingers and grabs it again.

He recites so-called small chapters of the Koran such as, Al-Takathur and continues to recite devil spells in between when the Shaytaan appears to him (the patient does not see this) the wizard orders the Shaytaan if the patient is hit by Sihr make the measured item of clothing longer, if it is due to a Djinn to make it shorter and if it is something medical just leave it that way. Then he measures the piece of clothing again and if it is longer then he tells the patient that Sihr is done on him, if it is shorter then there is a Djinn in him and if it stays the same he tells the patient to see a doctor to go.

Unfortunately, this method is also widely used by the Berbers in Morocco, often by relatives themselves who supposedly remove the fright of children by putting a knot in a handkerchief and having it moved up and down by the Djinn.

People have to stop this and fear Allah and keep away from people who do this kind of practice even if they are family !!

With this method we see the falsity of the wizard trying to mislead the people into reciting a real raaqi (someone who does Roqyah) by Koran, while in reality he is a dirty wizard. Also, people will not like the advice that the Shayateen usually lie, so if a person has nothing they might say he has something and vice versa.


Tareeqat Al-Mandal or the Method of discovery / proof:

With this method the sahir will recite devilish spells and do dua to the Shayateen in order to get answers to certain questions from him.

For example, he can ask about something that has been stolen, where it is located and who stole it, and where a Sihr is that was done by another wizard

and who the applicant is. The Shayateen are known as liars and will therefore lie more than speak the truth.

These are the well-known methods of calling the Shaytaan, of course there are many that are unknown, many terrible methods full of Kufr, Shirk and horrible things.

It may be clear to people that it is absolutely forbidden to visit a wizard or to ask for his help and advice, no matter how desperate someone may be, Allah and his Messenger (peace be upon him) have all entrances to a wizard declared forbidden, there is a hadith in circulation with the people that the Prophet (peace be upon him) would have said fight Sihr with Sihr (Nusrah) and learn Sihr, this is a gross lie and the one who continues with it must know that the Prophet (peace be upon him) has promised a place in Hell for the person who is lying about him.

The danger of visiting a wizard (sahir)

After all we have discussed so far about wizards, there are still people who justify visiting wizards and who actually think that these wizards can help people.

These people unfortunately do not realize the danger of visiting a wizard, these wizards are unbelievers and the punishment for them under Islamic law is decapitation with the sword, even after his repentance according to some fuqaha.

The people they visit are even worse off than they were, because they commit Shirk, a sin that guarantees a place in Hellfire if no repentance is shown.

It is stated in the Saheehayn under Abu Hureira's authority that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

"Avoid the 7 destructive sins (that make a person end up in hell)"

The companions asked O, Messenger of Allah, what are these (the 7 sins):

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

Shirk, Sihr, Killing a soul that Allah has forbidden, except according to rules of the Shar'ia, Ribaa (Interest), Consuming the power of orphans, Running away from the battlefield (Jihad), and accusing (of Zinaa) of innocent chaste women.

People do not realize the danger of visiting a wizard, except that one can get out with more Sihr and more Possession, they have forgotten that they have committed kufr and shirk for which they end up in Eternal Hell if they die without repentance .

Also for the people who visit the wizards and who ask Sihr to have someone else do not realize how much pain and damage they do to other people, entire families are destroyed, businesses

made bankrupt, know that these people will pay on the Day of Judgment and will pay with their eternal life in Hell !!!

In Saheeh Muslim there is a tradition that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "The one who goes to a fortuneteller and asks him about something (without believing in him), his prayer will not be accepted for 40 days"

So we see the seriousness of the situation in the above hadith, this is about someone who does NOT believe in it and yet this person will not get a reward for his prayer for 40 for days, imagine that this person dies in the 40 days !! It is certainly a bad end.

It should also be clear that a sahir (magician) is not just someone who makes spells, but anyone who works with the Djinn, so fortune tellers, palm reader, so-called astrology and horoscope readers, magicians, illusionists, etc.

Abu Hureira (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “The one who visits a wa arzegger and believes what he says has committed unbelief (kufr) in what has been revealed (Quran) to Muhammad (peace be upon him) (Abu Dawood).

So we see that if you visit a wizard and do not believe in him your prayer for 40 days is not accepted, if you believe in what he says and does, then you have committed Kufr Akbar and you are a Kafier, without sincere repentance this will person to stay in Hell forever.

The scholars have only allowed 1 situation to visit a sahir and that is to expose him to the people so that they know that this is a wizard, but this can only be done by someone who is strong in his faith and has knowledge about has this subject and a large Imaan so that he cannot be overthrown by the fitan (trials) of the wizard and Shayateen, as Shaych Ibn 'Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on him in his fatawa).

How do I recognize a wizard (sahir)?

To ensure that one does not go to a wizard it is useful to have some recognition points that one can recognize a wizard or similar.

- You will be asked for your name and your mother's name (sometimes only for your mother's name). The reason the wizard asks for your mother's name, while it makes more sense to ask for your father's name (surname) is because Iblis may Allah curse him, considers all the children of Adam (peace be upon him) as children of adultery, he supposedly does not recognize that they have a father but a mother because everyone is born by his mother, hence asking for the name of the mother so that the Djinn can get information.

- The wizard asks for items of clothing from the patient, such as towel, t-shirt, etc., preferably what has not yet been washed.

- The wizard asks you to slaughter a certain animal (usually black) without saying the name of Allah on it, and sometimes he smears the patient with this blood.

- Writing spells, figures and symbols and amulets, the meaning of which is known only to the Shayateen and the Sahir. You can see an example of this below. At first glance, one also sometimes sees Allah and the name of our Messenger (peace be upon him), but do not be deceived, this image is full of shirk and kufr and adulation of the Shayateen, often such papers are given to people to to wear around their necks or to place near the door or window for protection. And also if Sihr himself uses, which contains texts and spells that only the wizard understands.



- Making an amulet for the patient to wear around his neck or other limbs or to place under his pillow. These amulets are usually square or triangular and made of leather or iron, in the amulets there are supplications for the devil and symbols that symbolize Shirk and Kufr. We see two examples below:


- Blowing or giving a piece of rope with knots, as Allah also informs us in Surah Al-Falaq.


- The wizard gives certain things to the patient to bury under the ground. Below we see an example of that, a dead lizard had to be buried, in its mouth / stomach Sihr that was meant for a person.


- The wizard gives the patient incense made of impurities and other filthy things and texts to burn and inhale the smoke. This must be done at sunrise (shurooq) and in the middle of the day (qayloolah) and when we look at these 2 periods we see that we have already had a warning from the Prophet (peace be upon him) for both, as in a tradition from Bukhari and Muslim in which he warns us not to pray during the rising of the sun because it rises between the horns of Shaytaan.
And the 2de is a hadith that is in Tabarani and is Hasan, in which the Prophet (peace be upon him) recommends that we take a nap after the Dhor (middle of the day) because the Shaytaan does not. The patient must therefore do this in these 2 periods because these are the periods when the Shayateen are spreading and therefore the Shayateen are being honored. There is also an 3th period and that is the period from sunset until the red glow is gone, the Prophet (peace be upon him) recommended to us in this hadith in Bukhari to bring our children in during this time, and the closing doors and windows and turning off the lights. As the companions said, there is nothing even the flapping of a bird with its wings or the Prophet (peace be upon him) has taught us anything about it. Subhannallah !!

- The wizard gives the patient a bottle / bowl of water containing papers full of shirk and devil spells and symbols that only they understand, and then the patient must drink and wash with them in an abandoned place, such as a ruin or cemetery. Note, one should not confuse this method with the one that is permitted, such as reciting Qur'aan over water after which one should drink and wash with it, and writing Qur'aan with saffron on a leaf which is then dipped in water and people then drink and wash from it, this is permitted and was even applied by the Sahaba.

- Reading the palm, reading a cup, writing in sand, horoscopes etc. etc.

- The melting and pouring of lead in a pan after which supposedly certain things become clear. Or cooking something in a pot after which all kinds of objects come out, also people who are getting married often do metal for their feet, usually ground to powder.

- Giving a ring on which strange symbols are engraved, or which contains notes from Sihr.


- He gives the patient blue beads that he has to keep around his neck, or at home or in his car, often the so-called hands of fatima (Khumajs) are also given to offer a person protection, these come from the Jewish doctrine called the Kabbalah and this is nothing but a Sihr sect, or the familiar eyes often used by Turks, these things are pure shirk and it is unbelievable that such items are given away as favors even by Muslims at weddings.



- He gives certain items of clothing to the patient who has to put them on on certain days, these items of clothing are full of Shirk and Kufr and devil spells.

- The wizard gives strange things to the patient such as eggs with strange texts, or locks with texts, etc.


- The wizard asks the patient to retrieve impossible things, such as a mouse that is still a virgin, or a mouse that is orphaned, the patient is so desperate and blinded that he will say he cannot, the wizard then offers in exchange for a large sum of money to get it for him.

- The wizard gives the patient water which he has to put outside under the stars and then drink from it, this is the so-called Al-Ma-ul Munajjim, the water of the stargazer.

- The wizard pretends to be raaqi and recites Koraan, in between you hear him mumbling unclear matters and sometimes asks if he can go to another room, the Shaytaan is waiting for him with information. Remember that Roqyah is always said loudly and only with Koraan and the permitted supplications, there is nothing to say or say softly, do you hear that then get out, it is a sahir.

- He asks the patient a piece of string to tie a tree that the wizard has selected.

- He gives the patient a scheme, what to do like recite 700 x surah AlFatiha and do a certain dhikr 300 times, at first glance nothing seems strange except that these are special combinations that the Shayateen like, usually it goes here not for a sahir but for a quack who adds bid'ah to the Roqyah.

- He asks the patient not to let sunlight into his house for several days and also not to read the Quran and do acts of worship and to listen a lot of music.

The different forms of Sihr

Now that we have proven that Sihr exists and we have shown the wizards' behavior, it is now the turn to go a bit deeper into the subject of Sihr.
The meaning was already explained, but there is more than that.
Sihr can cause various things, one can die of it, become ill, become insane, and Djinn can enter a human body with the help of Sihr. Sihr can also cause a man and a woman to separate, etc.
It also happens that certain limbs become paralyzed by Sihr, such as legs, arms, etc.
Furthermore, it is common in women that Sihr causes miscarriages, lack of intercourse, very irregular menstrual periods, etc.

We will see that Sihr is used in different forms and every form for certain purposes.
The scholars have made different divisions of Sihr, for example, some scholars have divided it into 8 types and others have made a different type of division, in general you can say that there is 1 real type Sihr and that is Sihr Al-Hakeeki (actual sihr) and you can divide this into 4 main categories:

  1. Al-Sihr Al-Hawaii, or all Sihr that the wizard prepares and which he then leaves in the air, for example by attaching to birds, or fastening in a tree, the Sihr is strengthened every time the wind blows over it.
  2. Al-Sihr Al-Maa-ie, or all Sihr that the wizard prepares and that he then throws into the sea, river, lake or well.
  3. Al-Sihr Al-Naarie, or all Sihr that the wizard prepares and then burns or heated by fire, ovens or fireplaces.
  4. Al-Sihr Al-Turaab, ie all Sihr that the wizard prepares and buries in sand or earth such as along roads, or for example in the garden.

main categories of Sihr

These are the main categories of Sihr, from these categories you get the following subcategories Sihr, this makes clear how a certain Sihr is used.

  1. Al-Sihr Al-Ma'kul w'al Masrub, or any kind of Sihr that a person gets in his food or drink, this Sihr enters the body of a person, through this usually a few Djinn enter the body to protect this Sihr.
    They are, as it were, connected to this Sihr and hold this Sihr with wires, which the Djinn sometimes use to eat, the tricky part of this is that often the Djinn cannot leave the body while the Sihr is still in the body.
    The symptoms of this Sihr is that a person often feels sudden abdominal pain, especially when listening to the Koran and drinking Roqyah water (water on which Koran has been recited). It also often feels like there is a kind of ball in the stomach and it sometimes moves.
    The person also gets a lot of hair loss and puffiness.
    Another point of this Sihr is, although it has been ingested through food or drink and you would naturally think that the Sihr is only in the stomach, that is not the case.
    The Djinn spread the Sihr all over the body for certainty, part of it remains in the stomach, but the rest can be found anywhere in the body, so it is useful to have a lot of Roqyah water alongside
    drink (so that the Sihr in the stomach is surrendered) to also do Hijaamah (blood removal through heads), because this way the Sihr that is spread in the body can still be removed from the body in this way.
    This type of Sihr comes mainly through vomiting, feces or hijaamah, when vomiting it may be that the Sihr comes out in parts often white / yellowish substances or strings first appear, then the color may differ from pink / red, yellow or black.
    The Sihr can also be transformed into the weirdest things such as iron wire, rope, paper, cockroaches, stones, glass, etc.
    When one has surrendered Sihr, pour some more Roqya water over it and pour it somewhere on earth where few people pass by. The Sihr should therefore not be thrown away in the toilet. If sheets of paper are given over which has been written on, this must be made harmless, the way will be found later in the manual. Below an example of Sihr who surrendered during a treatment in a patient, the patient surrendered this on an empty stomach with the will of ALLAH after drinking 2,5 liters of Roqyah water, you can clearly see that the color is red / pink later this person vomited yellow, white and black.
  2. Al-Sihr Al-Masmum, or certain scents that the sahir uses for example in incense and perfume, whoever gets to smell this can be touched by this Sihr with the will of Allah, the Sihr is therefore located around the nose, 1 of the symptoms of this Sihr is that the nose starts to bleed for no reason or that blood comes out of the ears and they also experience breathing problems.
    In addition to Roqyah, it is recommended to use Al-Qist Al-Hindi and to do Hijaamah at places around the nose, more on this Insha Allah will follow.
  3. Al-Sihr Al-Mak'ud, or Sihr that is made by making the magic knots into pieces of thread or rope and blowing with his dirty breath over it (see tafseer Surah Al-Falaq). This species of Sihr can be hidden outside, but can even be in the human body.
  4. Al-Sihr Al-Athar, or Sihr made by the wizard, by something of the person on whom the Sihr must come to get, such as hair, nails, clothing, photo, blood, etc.
  5. Al-Sihr Al-Manthuror Sihr which is made into powder and over which the wizard blows with his foul breath and which is scattered in houses and entrances to rooms.
  6. Al-Sihr Al-Marssus, ie liquid Sihr that is sprayed / sprayed on for example clothing, or entrances to rooms or is poured along a road that the sahir knows that the victim will pass here. If a person thinks he knows about which place the Sihr has been poured out, then he should throw Roqyahwater over the same place, by Allah's will the spell will be cast.
  7. Al-Sihr Al-Talasim, or Sihr by means of names, words, symbols, numbers and figures, the meaning of which is only clear with the sahir, an image of this has already been shown above. I have often seen this kind of Sihr among Moroccans, and the strange thing is that I have even seen this written by some so-called imams, may Allah save us from praying behind such people. So if someone is in possession of such Sihr, the following method should be used to render the Sihr harmless. One should first pour some Roqya water in a bowl, then seek refuge with Allah from the accursed Shaytaan and take the Sihr, possibly recite surah Al-Falaq while unwrapping the Sihr.
    Then put the Sihr in the Roqy water and make sure that all signs and such are properly dissolved in the water, you may rub it with your fingers in the water, so you ensure that everything from the Sihr ends up in the water, if you iron, try to smash it a bit with a hammer so that the water comes in as well. Then you let the paper dry, for example if there is something made of leather, and then burn everything. If there is some metal in it that cannot be burned, smash it and bury it in a place where no people pass.
    With the will of Allah, the spell is now broken. Basically this is the way to break any Sihr found, one should not, as many myths claim, throw the Sihr in the toilet, pee on it or give it back to the sahir, this just makes the Sihr stronger.
  8. Al-Sihr Al-Marsud, or Sihr which is made in such a way that you are influenced by seeing the moon, stars and especially when there is, for example, a solar eclipse, or when the sea level changes due to the moon. This Sihr can also be strengthened by the blowing of the wind against this Sihr, the Sihr is then in a tree or attached to the leg of a bird or becomes stronger by current of the water, etc., people with this type of Sihr will suddenly attack heavier at random times, this happens because a condition of the Sihr has become active, such as the full moon, certain stars in a line, etc.
  9. Al-Sihr Al-Madfun, or Sihr buried underground, usually in a grave, this kind of Sihr is very powerful and should preferably be treated by an experienced raaqi. One advice to brothers and sisters is that they should pay close attention to who washes and buries any dead family members, because often wizards approach people who wash the dead to put Sihr in the grave with the dead. For example, symptoms of this Sihr are very often headaches, but when one listens Koraan and especially verses that are about Sihr, the headache disappears, this is the opposite of most other Sihr, there you get a headache when you listen to Koraan , the reason the headache goes away is because the Sihr is not with the person, but on the outside, namely somewhere underground, the headache is also a kind of tingling headache. The person often dreams of falling high places, dreams of dead people, etc. Furthermore, the person has difficulty concentrating, has difficulty with things that he loves, does not feel like working, studying, etc., and the person looks out with a blur. eyes and blinks a lot. From the above distribution we go back to the final result of certain Sihr, with this it becomes clear what the wizard or the person who approached the wizard actually wants to happen.

Pay attention!!! 

Below you will find symptoms for each type of Sihr. If one finds these symptoms in himself, it does not immediately mean that someone has been hit with Sihr and / or is possessed by a Djinn. If someone 100% wants to know for sure if something is wrong, then they just have to do Roqyah a number of times, then Allah will show whether there is something or not. 
Also at the end the general symptoms will be described, if one shows more than 3 of the symptoms then it is very likely that one has been touched by Sihr, Possession or the Evil Eye.

Symptoms of Sihr

  • Sudden change in human nature, from love to hate, from happy to depressed, from happy to angry, etc.
  • Get angry and aggressive very quickly.
  • Pain in the womb.
  • Lower back pain.
  • A stinky odor comes from the patient, especially from his mouth, scalp and other parts of the body, and it
  • it doesn't matter if this person washes well with soap and water, the scent comes back the same day. Just saying and doing weird things without actually wanting them and often having a lot of regrets after this.

The following symptoms may occur during Roqyah:

- Feeling short of breath and the patient finds the Roqyah very boring.
- The patient just starts to cry out of nowhere, and does not know why, especially when reciting verses about Sihr.
- The patient wants to sleep during the Roqyah, while fully rested. - The patient has strange protruding shapes on his body, especially on the face and abdomen, this symptom can also remain after the recitation.
- The Djinn who has entered the body by Sihr lasts longer by not showing himself as a Djinn of Possession.
- Very much blink.
- Nausea or pain in the abdomen, often accompanied by a tendency to vomit especially after drinking Roqyah water and a lot of burping.
- The patient just laughs annoyingly at the raaqi, without knowing why.

symptoms of eaten and drunk sihr

The following symptoms are for Sihr who ate or drank, Sihr Al-Ma'kul wa'l Masrub, this Sihr is common, and is very popular with the magicians in Morocco.

  • - Pain in the abdomen without medical cause.
  • Nausea, this is especially the case with Sihr that has just been applied, the nausea diminishes so long that the Sihr stays in the body longer, because the Sihr is then spread over the entire body.
  • Lots of air in the belly.
  • The feeling that there is a ball in your belly that is moving, this happens especially during the Roqyah.
  • Smelly air comes from the mouth, especially during the Roqyah.
  • Don't feel like eating (not in all cases).
  • Poor vision without medical cause.
  • Long-term constipation (not in all cases).
  • During the Roqyah, the patient's face appears to be a bit blacker and darker, the patient also has a lot of pain in the lower back, which may indicate that there is Sihr in the rectum, it is true that with this type of Sihr, all places where feels pain there Sihr can be present at that place, therefore it is recommended to do hijamah in those places, by an experienced person.
  • The patient finds it very irritating when someone touches him at a place where the Sihr is in the body.
  • - Patient is very short of breath and cannot breathe properly, so that one would think that he has asthma or bronchitis, only this is not the case after medical examination.
  • Swollen hands and feet, which also hurt, these parts often turn blue / purple, this is a sign that Sihr flows through these parts with great force.
  • Heavier parts of the body, especially the shoulders.


Al-Sihr Al-Tafreeq

In other words, the spell that must ensure that certain people separate. This enchantment can therefore apply to a man and his wife, a mother and daughter / son, but even between 2 friends, almost all combinations are possible and this Sihr has already torn apart many families.
This type of Sihr is often done by Sihr Al-Ma'Kul wa'l Masrub or by Sihr Marsus, but in fact other options are also possible such as with photos and clothing (Sihr Al-Athar).

The Symptoms:

  • Sudden changes in mood, suddenly you just hate a person and you can't stand that person for no reason.
  •  Quarreling a lot, and often about very small things or things that are actually not even there.
  • An aversion to sitting with the other person, and you feel very good as soon as this person leaves.
  • Do not accept apologies from the counterparty
  • For example, in the Sihr between a man and his wife, the man looks horrible to the woman or vice versa.

Al-Sihr Al-Mahaba (Al-Tiwalah),

In other words, the spell of love A person male or female goes to the Sahir and asks him to do a spell on another person so that he will love him and obey him in everything.

The wizard asks for an item of clothing that has not yet been washed or a photo of the person, if that is not possible, only the name of the mother of the person to whom the Sihr is to come is asked.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:Truly, ar-Roeqaa, amulets and at-tiwalah (love spell / drink) are Shirk !!


The roeqaa mentioned above is not the Roqyah according to the Quran and Sunnah, but the roeqaa with the help of the devils that the magicians do.

"There is nothing wrong with ar-Roeqaa, as long as they do not contain Shirk. "



  • - The person who comes to the Sihr longs for the person who asked the Sihr for the wizard
  • Often even married women do this Sihr with their husbands, so that he becomes a kind of zombie and obeys them in everything they say and this comes at the expense of, for example, the man's mother.
    So abnormal obedience to the person who asked for the Sihr. - Sometimes ignorant women go to a wizard because it seems that their husband does not love them, they ask for this Sihr and suddenly the man loves them, only it is not the man who loves the woman, but a Djinn who went into the body of the man.

A variant of this Sihr that is applied to men is called Al-Sihr Al-Tahjeez, the man cannot resist the person who has applied for the Sihr and always wants to have intercourse with her and only longs for her.

Al-Sihr Al-Tagjeel,

or the Sihr where one sees things differently than in reality, or one sees things that are not even there at all.

In the Koran in Surah Taa-Haa verse 65 and 66 it says:

They said, "O Moses, do you throw, or shall we be the first to cast?"

He said, "No, you throw." Then, because of their magic, it seemed to him that their cords and rods moved.

(surah taha 65-66)

In the above verses we see that Moussa (peace be upon him) in his duel with the wizards of Fir'awn (the pharaoh) may the curse of Allah be upon him, the ropes they threw saw as snakes, his eyes became so bewitched and he saw something different than there really was.

Note when someone does this spell it does not always mean that a person becomes possessed by it, the Sihr can also work from the outside and this is called Sihr Al-Garizi (spell that works from the outside).


  • Seeing things moving that stand still
  • See big things small or see small things big
  • Seeing things that aren't even there
  • Seeing things that suddenly change, such as the one above, a rope that turns into a snake.

Al-Sihr Al-Djoenoen,

In other words, a Sihr where 1 or several Djinn takes place in the brain of a person, especially in the part that controls the mind, this can cause this person to go crazy and start neglecting himself and doing bad things, and this Sihr can even kill a person, this is a dangerous type of Sihr for which usually a strong Djinn is used.


  • Person comes to places and he does not know how he got there, the person gets a kind of blackout, this happens especially at night and this person gets an urge to go outside during the night.
  • When this Sihr is in a person for a long time, the person will say very strange things and it looks like he has become insane.
  • Many hallucinations, especially from people he knows.
  • Attraction to do business whereby this person neglects himself such as drugs, alcohol etc.
  • The person can show very aggressive behavior.


Al-Sihr Al-Marad,

in other words, an enchantment whereby a person becomes sick or paralyzed or becomes deaf or blind, etc.
The wizard instructs the Djinn to take a seat in the brain that controls a certain sense or limb and thus causes the disease to develop.

The complaints are the same as with diseases with a medical cause, only if you go to the doctor for these complaints the doctor will not be able to find anything. The person also experiences more pain in his body while listening to the Qur'an, but this is only in the beginning, when this person continues with Roqyah, the symptoms will continue to decrease until they disappear with the will of Allah.
It happens that people are paralyzed for years and suddenly can walk again after Roqyah, or can't talk or see for years and after Roqyah this is possible again.
So one has to listen a lot of Roqyah and rub the parts where there is pain on the body well with olive oil or black seed oil on which Koraan is recited.
It is also that many diseases that the Western world simply refers to as medical diseases are nothing but Sihr, Possession or the Evil Eye, an example of this is epilepsy, schizophrenia and many others, only a small part of this will be medical, the rest will come through the Djinn.

Sihr Al-Marad can often cause the same symptoms that the Evil Eye or Jealousy also cause, but there is a difference, with the Evil Eye and Al-Hasad people usually get nightmares about insects and such, pigment change can occur in the face such as suddenly that the face looks yellowish or has black spots.


  • Pain and complaints that resemble diseases of medical cause, but for which doctors cannot find evidence.
  • Paralyzed body parts or entire paralysis without medical causes.


Al-Sihr Al-Gumul, 

In other words, an enchantment that in many respects resembles Al-Sihr Al-Djoenoen, in which the Djinn also takes place in the brain, which can make the person go crazy or even die. It is also characteristic that this person is always very lazy and doesn't talk much to people.
This Sihr is dangerous because the person always wants to be alone and therefore leaves the Djamaa 'ah (group) of the Muslims and thus remains a prey for the Shaytaan.


  • Laziness
  • Does not like crowded places and many people - Loves loneliness
  • No concentration
  • Very often a headache

Al-Sihr Al-Hawateef,

In other words, as the word says, it seems that you are always called in your head, so you always hear voices and especially from acquaintances but sometimes also strangers. This is not comparable to washing haze (whispers), but this is stronger and this person thinks he is being called and is made very uncertain and therefore starts to doubt his family and friends. This person also gets a lot of nightmares from animals and the falling of high places after which he usually wakes up.
This Sihr can be dangerous and can drive or even kill a person, this Sihr can eventually jump and change to Al-Sihr Al-Djoenoen or Al-Goemoel.

  • Heard many voices that seem like they are calling him.
  • Cannot remain in 1 location.
  • Ejaculation too quickly with intercourse or difficulty with intercourse.
  • Doubt, and this doubt will eventually come up with all the things this person is doing.
  • A kind of autism, where the person thinks he is in a different dimension / world.
  • Chronic headache and a lot of back pain at the backbone.
  • Terrible nightmares in which he hears the voices that call him.
  • Sometimes he talks very confused and his behavior is like that, and this is getting more and more.
  • A lot of pride, it always thinks it knows better.

Al-Sihr Al-'ukum

In other words, the enchantment of infertility, this differs from the medical infertility that when one visits a doctor, the doctor sees no reason for infertility.

With this spell the Djinn usually takes place at the womb of the woman and is concerned with the ovaries or the genitals of the man, so it is also necessary that a woman always cleans herself internally with a cotton ball with for example musk or rose water toileting and especially after her period and also often washing herself with Roqyah water containing Sidr. It also often happens that women often miscarry because of these spells.

'Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) reported that Asma (may Allah be pleased with her) asked the Prophet (peace be upon him) about ghusl (great washing) after her menstrual period. He said:

“Take the water and leaves from the lotus tree (sidr) and clean yourself thoroughly with it, then pour the water over the head and rub it well so that it reaches the roots. Then pour the water over yourself, take a piece of cloth / cloth (in our case cotton wool) with musk and clean yourself with it. ”Asma said, How should she clean herself?
He said, SubhanAllah! Clean yourself with it.
"Aisha said, (as if it had been whispered to her) follow the trail of blood. (Bukhari and Muslim)

Allah says in verse 49 and 50 in Surah Al-Shurah:

To Allah belongs the kingdom of heaven and earth. He creates what He wants. He gives female and male children whom He wants.

Or He mixes them, male and female, and He makes barren who He wants. Verily, He is All-Knowing, Almighty.


  • Infertility without medical reason.
  • Very irregular menstruation.
  • Lower back pain.
  • Pressure on the chest that causes tightness, especially just before the evening or at night.
  • Many miscarriages.

Al-Sihr Ta'teel Al-Zawaaj,

In other words, the enchantment that causes the husband or wife not to or cannot get married, this enchantment is usually requested from the wizard by a bad and jealous person.
The wizard sends a Djinn who, for example, has to chase after the woman and wants to enter her body, if it succeeds he always gives her a bad and stuffy feeling when someone comes to ask for her hand.
If it doesn't work, the Djinn works from the outside and works with illusion on both the woman and the man by making them look very ugly to each other.


  • Pressure on the chest that causes tightness and pain especially just before the evening and at night
  • See the marriage candidate in an ugly appearance
  • Headache that cannot be remedied with medication
  • Being able to sleep very badly
  • Lower back pain
  • Not being able to get married while there have been enough marriage candidates.


In other words, the spell of knotting so that the man and woman cannot have intercourse with each other, this can be shared in 2. The spell on the man and the spell on the woman.

The man:

The wizard sends a Djinn to the man, who takes place in the brain, and especially in the part that controls the sexual stimuli.

The Djinn is going to make sure that in some cases the man is not at all excited by his wife and that he is therefore unable to have intercourse while he may have previously offered it to his wife.


- Cannot get an erection without a medical cause.
- Get erection with for example the foreplay, but suddenly no longer with the act itself.

The woman:

Rabt can be divided into options for women in 5.

1- Al-Rabt Al-Mana 'In other words, the woman is unable to have intercourse with her husband because her thighs are held tightly against each other, the woman has no influence on it and so it is the work of the Djinn.

2-Al-Rabt Al-Tabalud, or the Djinn makes sure that the woman feels nothing in terms of sexual stimuli and excitement when her husband wants to have intercourse with her, the woman is just like she is paralyzed and therefore cannot enjoy intercourse with her husband.

3-Al-Rabt Al-Post-screen, or as soon as the man wants to approach his wife the woman will bleed intensely from her womb, there is also a kind of Sihr that resembles this namely Al-Sihr Al-Istihaadah, the difference between this 2 is that the 1ste only when the man intercourse wants to have happened to his wife and the 2de can sometimes last all day and even days.

4-Al-Rabt Al-Insidad, in other words, when the man wants to have intercourse with his wife and approaches the wife, he encounters a piece of meat that prevents him from completing the penetration.

5 - Al-Rabt Al-Ta 'weather, in this variant it is that if a man marries a virgin, the Djinn wants to sow doubt and fitna because it looks like the woman is no longer a virgin in the community, the man feels during penetration as if the pubic area feels very wide making the man feel starts to think that his wife is not a virgin, the moment the Sihr is broken, the body of the woman will return to normal.

It is true that usually Al-Sihr Al-Rabt is done together with Al-Sihr Al-Tafreeq so that it will have more effect.
For Al-Sihr Al-'ukum, it is recommended for women who are affected by this spell to clean themselves internally with a cotton ball and musk or rose water, as mentioned earlier. Washing with Roqyah water also affects many people brought healing, further down is a comprehensive treatment for this Sihr.

These are the most common types of Sihr, but there are many more, many that we don't even know and are only known to the wizard.
The Shayateen and wizards form, as it were, a center of Kufr, a training center of wickedness, concealing a very large organization that is being directed by the cursed self, namely Iblies.
The Shayateen who work for the wizards, the so-called Gadim Al-Sihr each have their own task, so there are those who enter the body of a human, but you also have messengers and such, we will name some of them briefly because this info can come in handy when someone does Roqyah.


The wizard's workers (Gadim Al-Sihr)

The Standard worker, or the Gadim Al-Sihr:

The sahir seeks rapprochement with the 'Afareet and Maarid of the Shayateen (Kings and high leaders), by committing many acts of unbelief, Shirk, great sins etc. He sees them as his heroes, in return, the sahir is assigned many little Djinn and Shayateen with different powers, they must follow the orders of the sahir, they are the Gadim Al-Sihr.

Gadim Al-Sihr Al-Mursil:

If the Gadim Al-Sihr is a Mursil or a messenger, then this is a Djinn who can leave the body when it becomes too heavy for him, these Djinn are of the Tajier type because he flies out of your body, eg after the reciting Koran, but not all Tajier Djinn are Mursil or Gadim Al-Sihr, most Tajier Djinn are usually somewhat stronger Djinn ('Ifriet or Maarid), later more information about the Tajier will follow. So when the Mursil leaves the body, they usually go back to the sahir and tell them they can no longer handle it, this sahir sends them back or gives them a new assignment.

Gadim Al-Sihr Al-Marbot:

Al-Marbot is a Gadim Al-Sihr that is bound to the Sihr in the body and is usually entered by Sihr who is eaten or drunk (Al-Sihr Al-Ma'Kul wa'l Masrub).

He cannot leave the body even if he wants to, he is trapped in the body until Allah destroys this Sihr, and the asbaab before it surrender the Sihr, or the Sihr comes out through stool or through Hijaamah, and Allah knows best .

Gadim Al-Sihr Al-Taabi ':

Know that with almost every gadim Al-Sihr, 1 or several guards / followers who go from the outside as a guard for a number of things, they serve as a messenger between the Gadim Al-sihr (Djinn who is in the body) and the sahir and vice versa, they threaten the Gadim if it wants to get out, they advise him and boost him.

These guards are usually much stronger, smarter and wiser than the Gadim, they help him when he is weakened by Roqyah and can no longer help himself, by feeding him, and other things etc., and Allah knows best.

Places where the Sihr is often hidden

I will list a number of places that have emerged from practice where the sahir orders to hide the Sihr, these places are an aid and when a person is hit by Sihr it doesn't hurt to take a look at these places, as long as one abides by the laws of ALLAH and does not go to the extreme.

  • Sihr buried in earth and graves (especially in gardens along the edge and in cemeteries)
  • Sihr buried in a place where it is warm, this is for a certain species of Sihr
  • Sihr buried in a place where it is cold, this is also for a certain species of Sihr
  • Sihr (liquid or powder form) that is sprayed (Sihr Marsus) or sprinkled (Sihr Manthur) in front of the victim's front door (threshold), by pouring Roqyah water on the spot you destroy the Sihr with the will of ALLAH.
  • Sihr that is hung on the tree, or on the legs of birds
  • Sihr buried in a place where roads cross
  • Sihr buried under the thresholds of doors in the house, usually front door / garden door, but can in principle be any threshold in the house that the victim crosses.
  • Sihr who is hidden in pillows at the victim's home
  • Sihr that is put into soft drinks, coffee or tea and is drunk by the victim.
  • Sihr that is put into the food that the victim ate from.
  • Sihr that is hidden in running water, the strength of the Sihr then depends on the strength of the flow.
  • Sihr that is burned with fire.
  • Sihr being thrown into the sea.
  • Sihr being thrown into a water well.
  • Sihr that is applied where the Sihr works based on the position of the stars at the beginning or end of a month, or the position of the moon and other celestial bodies.
  • Sihr given by someone when he greets you, this Sihr is very complicated and does not occur often.

The sahir has to do a lot of Kufr and Shirk for this, after which certain devil rituals are performed. He then instructs a person (usually the client of the Sihr) to go to the victim (or call) and greet them with a certain greeting, if ALLAH allows this person to be hit with Sihr, people should not be served use this as a reason to run away from everyone who greets him / her.

  • Sihr that is given as food to a black dog, the black dog is used here for a reason.

It is narrated by Abdullah ibn Al-Saamit that Abu Dharr said: The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said:

“If any of you stand up to pray, let him use a sutrah (putting something in front of you from a certain height like a screen), if he has something like the height of the back of a saddle in front of you. If he does not have something (like sutrah) that is the height of the back of a saddle in front of him, then his prayer is invalid when a donkey or a woman or a black dog passes before him. "


I (Abdullah) asked, O Abu Dharr, what is the difference between a black dog and a red or yellow dog?

He said, O son of my brother, I asked the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) the same question, and he said; "The black dog is a Shaytaan."

(Muslim No. 510).
  • Sihr done to a new lock, or to a pair of scissors.
  • Sihr written on the soles of the victim's shoes.
  • Sihr written on eggs and which is burned.
  • Sihr that is burned by a candle.
  • Sihr that is written on something of the victim such as clothing or photos and then burned.
  • Sihr who is hidden in the clothing of someone who has died.
  • Sihr written on the body of a dead, very strong Sihr!
  • Sihr that is given by looking at the victim, the same as with greeting and usually this is done by a Gadim Sihr.
  • Sihr recited about mustard seeds and thrown into the victim's house or other place.